Sunday, March 1, 2009

How Much Is Your Engineering Salary - Are You Overpaid Or Underpaid ?

Being an Engineering professional how do you negotiate your salary once you clear your interview rounds. Its deciding factor how much your going to get credited in your salary account. What is the scale to measure how much your worth to be paid. The salary is the which depends on various factors our experience, your graduation, post you have applied for, geographical conditions etc., I am going to introduce you tool based which you can determine how much your worth to be paid but this applies to US. How does Engineering salary calculator works ? is the nation's leading and most comprehensive salary source for engineers and engineering managers. The Engineering Salary Calculator enables technical professionals to survey, compare and stay up to date with the latest engineering salary information — delineated by job function, experience, skills, education and industry sector — for over 400 cities and locations throughout the United States.The Engineering Salary Calculator searches over 330,000 records, and returns a salary result based on matching profiles.