Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Use Of CAD In The Furniture Industry

Hello Friends, the subject what we are going to discuss today is something unusual for me. If you are regular visitor to my site you must have seen the unique coverage about CAD/CAE articles. Well this time I have taken one step forward to see how professionals or users using CAD product for their industry use. I got opportunity to review the product of one of the well known leading store in the furniture industry. Interesting part why we are going to talk about the furniture industry since all our post deal with CAD/CAE is that,I told you in the beginning we are going to see how users use CAD product for their application. Well this is the case, How Lombok a leading furniture store in UK have used ArchiCAD and Solidworks.

Lombok products which we are going to see now: bookcases, desks, wooden bookcases

I was really amazed to see software's like Solidworks or ArchiCAD can be used in Furniture world. First lets see some of Lombok product then you shall realize the effect of CAD software in their application.

Wooden Bookcases:

wooden cases

The picture you see at the left is the wooden bookcases what Lombok offers to the consumer. While looking from CAD professional perspective, one can see the realistic effect shown in the picture without being making product to use. That's the best feature of CAD software,before bringing the product into existence the user can see how is it going to look when is it in use. You can see texture feature(stone effect) applied to the wall. The wooden finish on to the book cases. Don't take your eye off, take a look at the shadows of the flower jar in the book case and doll kept near by. This kind of real effect can be brought by using appropriate lights in the software. Solidworks has got a special integrated feature called PhotoWorks by which you can create scene with different light combination. PhotoWorks includes a number of pre-defined scenes that are based on HDR (high dynamic range) images. These types of scenes contribute very realistic lighting to your SolidWorks models and forego the need to create and adjust SolidWorks lights making it very simple and easy to quickly achieve photo-realism. Lombok offers variety of Bookcases like Rustic bookcase, ladder style bookcase, canton bookcase and many. All of which has been rendered perfectly with CAD software.desk

Lombok has also got different type of desks like canton desk, directors desk almost every product created beautifully with much better realistic effects. Here we can clearly notice different material have been used like glass,wood,leather and so on. This kind of materials are provided in material library in most of the CAD software's as they also provide some classy look textures. I believe this just goes to show what CAD software can do in any part of application and I am proud to see how Lombok have used CAD software to design wooden bookcases, desks, bookcases. You can see for yourself by visiting Lombok site directly, if you wish to see their product or intend to buy make a visit to their stores. They have their nation stores in UK and some of prime locations like chelsea,bristol,kingston etc., Other exciting products to look for are log basket lamp shades laundry baskets

Dear friends let me have your view on this application of rendering effect to products using CAD software.