Sunday, March 22, 2009

Good To See Nice Collection of Lecture Notes on Mechanical Engineering

Hi Guys, Do anyone of you have notes on Heat Transfer or About Heat Exchanger. I have been googling for past few days nothing is helping me quite significantly. I even tried using peer to peer software like emule or any torrent sites to search books and any relevant papers on this..

Finally I landed on site which has got good collection of books and lecture notes for engineers and other segment of science. The site is called as Varsity notes where you can find lot of collection of lecture notes on all sciences, arts, accounts,engineering,business administration etc,. Since I was looking for about Heat Transfer notes I got notes which is not sufficient for me but i was taken by surprise to see there is amount of other lecture notes on

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Fluid Dynamics

Fluid Machinery

General Mechanical Engineering

Heat Transfer

Industrial Engineering

Internal Combustion Engines

Solid Mechanics

System Dynamics

Thermal Design



The best part i like about this is user can suggest any link which has got lectures notes or books related to the category you are in say like fluid mechanics or Thermodynamics etc., The user is also allowed to edit the keywords or report a broken link. I believe this is very cool feature.  I wish you enjoy surfing this site, Happy surfing. Good luck.