Thursday, March 26, 2009

Useful Handbook For Machine Design

Hi Guys, there is general opinion among Mechanical engineers who wants to become Design Engineers think that its enough to learn CAD/FEA software's that's it they are onboard to design products. Infact Design Engineering is not about creating graphical appearance of product.

Its something more than that, you need to understand the functionality of the out product, customer requirement, keep in mind about aesthetics and above all that Engineering has to go into it. This where your Engineering knowledge comes into play,the engineering whatever you studied at the college needs to be used here depending which platform you are working in like Structural,Fluid Mechanics,Thermal Engineering or Machine Design.

This is the Basic funda one has to understand if you have dream about Design Engineering. I don't want to bore you anymore(Hopefully I am not) Just Would like to tell you about Design Engineering Basics e-book.

Sorry guys if you cannot see e-book below check out the

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Following are the topics will be available Machine Design basics e-book:

Kon-41.2010  Machine design basics B (4 cr)
Machine elements
Strength calculation 
Symbols and units 
Linear motion 
Failure theories 
Static load 
Fatigue loads 
Engineering materials 
Bolted joint 
Welded connections 
Stresses in fillet weld 
Simple calculation method  
Parallel keys 
Interference fits 
Spring design 
1 Helical extension and compression springs 
2 Belleville springs    
3 Rubber springs 
Helical gears (external gears)  
Forces on gear teeth 
Narrow V-belt drives (SFS 3527) 
Datum lengths of narrow V-belts and datum diameters of  pulleys    
Rolling bearings  
Lubrication and lubricant classification  
Design of pressure vessels  
1 Pressure equipment directive   
2 Nominal design stress  
3 Cylindrical and spherical shells    
4 Dished ends