Sunday, April 12, 2009

Bunch Of Mechanical Engineering E-Books - Free Download

Evolution of e-books has brought tremendous change in reading habit and made things easy for bookworms. So what are e-books? 

e-books are books that are available in digital format.

e-books are not meant to replace paper books. Instead, e-books provide an alternate reading choice for lovers of technology. e-books offer a new dimension to the written word, allowing books to be distributed and enjoyed so much more easily.

e-books are ordered online and delivered electronically to your computer. You save money with no shipping and the lowest prices.
e-books have many features that traditional paper books may be missing:

  • You can search through the text for a specific word or phrase
  • You can carry e-books with you on your PDA or smartphone device
  • You can shrink or enlarge the text size
  • You can add digital bookmarks
  • You get instantaneous delivery
  • You help the environment by not using paper or requiring packaging

So what does it mean to Mechanical Design Engineers as we continue to focus on Design Engineering in this forum. You might have come across many e-book download site with lots of engineering books and so on. Now I would like to share with you more on this which is If you have read my previous article about sharing information and looking for engineering solution for your work see Mechanical Engineer's Discussion Forum - Be a member, Go for it

Truly speaking, I saw many e-books like


Engineering Design With SolidWorks Teacher Guide

Content Inside : An Introduction to Engineering Design with SolidWorks Teacher Guide and its supporting materials are designed to assist you in teaching SolidWorks in an academic setting. An Introduction to Engineering Design with SolidWorks Teacher Guide offers a competency based approach to teaching 3D design concepts and techniques. This guide divided ...

SolidWorks 2008 Tutorial Drawing And Detailing Guide

Content Inside : Drawing Templates and Sheet Formats, Below are the desired outcomes and usage competencies based on the completion of Project 2. Ability to apply Document Properties to reflect the ASME Y14 Engineering Drawing and Related Drawing Practices. Understand System Options and Document Properties which affect the drawing and Drawing ...

3D CAD Guide For Machine Designers

Content Inside : Your choice of 3D CAD tools is critical to your organization’s ability to compete effectively in this challenging business environment. This guide identifies key issues and explains advantages of SolidWorks modeling software for machine designers. The challenges associated with large-assembly machine design are often unpredictable and complex. SolidWorks ...

Hydraulic Robot Arm Assembly

Content Inside : Foundations in Engineering Content Standards and Objectives. Describe the locus of moving points in mechanisms and explain how cylinders are mounted to provide angular travel. Demonstrate the ability to integrate the various technologies and use them to build models of working solutions. Describe and apply the concept of mechanical advantage, ...

Solid Edge V 17 For Engineering And Technical Drawing

Content Inside : 2D Drawings may take two forms: 2D Sketches show the outlines and locations of multiple shapes or parts to be designed. 2D Profiles must be closed shapes with no entities inside or crossing the sketch. The sketch at the right may be used to create a part by ...

Designed 3D Electrical System Using SolidWorks Routing

Content Inside : SolidWorks ® Routing software helps automate the design of routed systems, including electrical cabling and harness systems, along with tubing and piping systems. Quick, easy parametric design changes – Because SolidWorks Routing software is parametric, associative, and fully integrated with the base Solid-Works 3D model, making design changes ...

Have fun and download more books..