Friday, May 22, 2009

Fit Tolerance Calculator - Handy Tool for Engineer in Machine Design | Choose best Limits and Fits

This is article is going to be all about Engineering Tolerance, how to calculate and apply it in drawing. We will be so much excited and wondered when we look at credit card machine,fax machine or any nano and high precision machine for that matter. Because it has lot of engineering work involved to bring that product out and works so beautifully without or with less human effort.

For instance, take a elliptical machine it looks quite simple and you will enjoy it once you start using it. Just imagine how many components has put into to make that machine. From the designer point of view each component has get into the right place without any problem as per design intend.  So how is it done, Design engineer will design each component and finally they make the assembly in product  development section. Once the drawing has been issued, it goes to the machine shop to machine each component as per specification.

Here comes the key area, assembling these components. What will happen if a lock pin does not go inside hole, reason may be any of the component may be over or under sized. This is can be tackled with Geometric dimensioning and  tolerancing. Many of us are familiar with but you not be expert in how to use it properly. I got website for Tolerance Calculator which is shown below.

Geometric Dimensioning  and Tolerance Calculator

Software Interface is user friendly, you need to choose fit for hole and shaft (J7 and n7).

Then define basic size of fit and select IT scope whether scope is for mechanical engineering,forget/rolled component or gauge.

finally hit search fits, calculator will tell you possible fits to choose from.

Tolerance Calculator

Only thing which I don't like is the help menu. If you can see in the above window help is in german sorry man I don't know german oh no..

Anyhow to end in a sweet note watch live GD&T demo

Thanks to GWT technology.