Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tips in Writing Your Engineering Resume : Give a Professional touch

Getting a right professional resume for yourself is uphill task, don't rise your eyebrow.. You would have realized the important of resume each time when you look for a change in you career and searching for a new job. That too preparing a engineering resume is difficult one I would say. Searching for resume writer may not be good option since your are the best person who knows about your strength and weakness.

First of all you should understand, what for "are you preparing your resume". It actually meant to market your self with engineering skills you posses and experience you gained so far.To be effective, an engineering resume must grab the attention of the reader in 35-45 seconds. A good engineering resume will extend that attention span to over a minute. A successful resume will prompt the reader to contact the job seeker. This is the job seeker perspective.

On the other hand HR and recruiters use resume tracking software which gives instant access to crucial candidate and client data to choose from. Adding to this there are many resume database software available in the market.

To get ready for your job hunt, prepare with interview test papers,questions,tips etc.,

In context to this, lets see six steps to get prepare better Engineering resume.

Choose the best Organizational format:

Writing your work experience in chronological order is good way but its not thumb rule at all. Look for a right combination which can highlight your skill sets,achievement,employment history. Try to take most of advantage here since most recruiter see what's your experience and who were your previous employer.

Make your points simple:

Whatever you say in your resume, put with simple sentence. Don't try to portrait yourself as if your born and brought up in British Isle. The reason is simple, there is every possible chance that you may make silly grammar mistakes while forming sentence. This will give you bad impression.

Most resume viewed first in computer not in A4 paper:

As we all know, hardly we send our resume through postal. Recruiters are bound to view your resume in computer screen. So make sure its well formatted with right font size, right punctuation and so on. Don't forget, before you shoot email to employer you send your resume in accessible word document without any error.

Your experience and employer details not more than few lines:

Find a right balance between how much you have say about your work experience and employer details. No employer likes to hear loads and loads of theory from your resume. Stick to the right information which can attract recruiter in your work experience.

Which is more weighted Your achievements or job responsibility:

Many of us do make this mistake writing from swiping card to arranging board meeting, what and all you did in your previous organization. It doesn't make sense at all. See what you achieved in your previous organization even anything about award or quick appraisal is good enough.

Believe in you and Keep yourself positive:

You should have right reason why you leave your current job. Don't say anything negative your existing or previous employer even if you have any bitter experience. Keep yourself upbeat, have a great ambition in your career and relate that to the job your seeking for.

Remember, resumes do not get jobs – people get jobs. Resumes get interviews. Most first time job interviews are conducted via telephone rather than in person as they used to be. Final suggestion don't keep your phone switched keep your girl friend in mind. LOL.. Good Luck Guys..