Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Use Free 3D Modeling Software with ease from Dassault Systèm - Tutorial Available

In today's competitive and fast moving world, it so important to bring ideas into existence. This is evident in all manufacturing industries, introducing new products with many variants.

This has become possible with new technologies available in well equipped Machining,automated CNC machines,high accuracy material handling systems and fully featured CAD/FEA software's.

Now lets see, how implementing ideas into the product is so crucial in R&D Engineering. Conveying your ideas to higher officials in Design department, getting feedback and make changes accordingly.

Engineering use 3D modeling software,drafting software in Engineering design. But these software requires high skills to create model and to counter this issue Dassault Systèm has come up with innovative software for conceptual designers to do 3D modeling, called 3Dvia.

3DVIA Shape 3.0, the latest release of our free 3D modeling software, is now available for download. This new version extends powerful “freeform” modeling to everyone, allowing for the creation of smooth, curved surfaces for boats, planes, rockets or anything from the imagination. (Below 3Dvia video requires virtools plugin)


Now 3DVIA Shape users can create compelling “freeform” 3D models quickly and easily without knowledge of how to use a complex modeling application. Whether enhancing a model from the 3DVIA.com content library or starting from scratch, the newly redesigned and intuitive user interface allows neophyte designers to create curved surfaces for any 3D model with the new deform feature.

3Dvia composer - GearBox-disassemble

Fig. 3Dvia composer user interface

In addition to being able to model curved surfaces, 3DVIA Shape 3.0 is stepping it up with several other key enhancements:

  • Draw on Curved Surfaces: Users have better control over deformed surfaces with the ability to draw lines where needed.
  • Revolve: Quickly creates cylindrical solids to make cones, spheres, cups, vases, etc.
  • Offset: With ease, users can create windows, doors, picture frames, etc. with the ability to thicken, curve and manipulate facets for depth.
  • Mirror Geometry: Creates a mirror-based duplicate for designing objects in perfect symmetry.
  • Improved Distance Snapping: displays and measures with greater accuracy and precision where on the grid users are drawing.

3Dvia has other modules(shown below) too which can also be used with other 3d Modeling software's like Solidworks.

3Dvia composer 3Dvia virtools 3Dvia player 3Dvia player


Tour and Download 3Dvia for free with simple registration.