Thursday, May 14, 2009

Moldflow Simulation Software : Free Add-on For Solidworks

Many of the Engineering products are made of Plastics and it has got reasons to do so. Let us see one by one.

Easy to work with

  • Plastics can be molded in many ways - by extrusion, injection-molding, molding, press molding, thermomolding, blowing, cutting, etc.

Plastic is an economical material

  • Plastic is particularly well suited to mass production, e.g. through Plastic injection moulding, extrusion or blow moulding. This makes plastic products even more attractive.

Plastic is strong in relation to its weight

  • Both the impact resistance and bending strength of plastic are high. This means that if low weight and high strength are both priorities, plastic is often chosen in preference to metal.

Plastic requires minimal maintenance

  • Plastic tolerates the effects of water and weather and the surface is not degraded by the effects of sun, frost or chemicals. Dirt can be easily removed.

That's the reason why Plastic Engineering has become so crucial in today's Industry. Its evident that many colleges and universities are offering courses on Plastic Engineering. Now lets see how mold process helps to manufacture plastic products and today's innovation has lead to plastic CNC machining,Plastic welding etc.,

Moldflow Add on SolidworksA Moldflow/(Mold Filling Simulation) analysis will help you build better plastic parts with a lower set up time and cost.This analysis is designed to give you a complete report that will eliminate the expensive process of trial and error and will help you to get good plastic injection molded parts the first time your tool is designed.  Check free mold analysis software.

Glad news is we are going to see Mold flow simulation software add on for Solidworks which is available for free to download.

 e-SimpoeWorks®, a free Internet downloadable version of SIMPOE’s flagship plastic injection simulation
software product Simpoe-Mold, fully embedded into Solidworks.

It provides basic filling simulation, including melt front animation, to take into account manufacturing constraints early into the design stage of plastic parts.It can be also used as a viewer to view simulation results performed with any of the commercial SIMPOE product including filling, packing, cooling and/or warpage simulation.

e-SimpoeWorks includes an on-line tutorial as well as on-line help. It benefits from the same user-friendly and intuitive interface as SimpoeWorks.

In the upcoming articles, I will continue to track down on Mould testing equipment, Plastic Engineering,Plastic CNC machining..

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