Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mechanical Engineering Solved Problems And Discussion Board

If you have been to caddownload before, you would have gone through various study materials for Mechanical Engineering.

Lets see something similar to that category where you can find Question and Answers, solved problems, Discussions and so on. The experts answers your doubts in Maths,Science,Engineering etc.,

The site is called

Mechanical solved problems


As you can see in the above snap, there are about 40,000 solved problems to master your engineering,maths skills.

Cramster claims that

"Confused about a textbook or worksheet problem? Need help on a homework assignment? Ask your question today on the Q&A Board for online tutoring, Cramster style. Help other students by answering their questions to earn Karma Points for sharing your knowledge and redeem them for rewards."

Mechanical Engineering Study Guide

The above snap shot, clearly says cramster will you a lot that in improving your engineering knowledge.. Just closely watch the above picture... zooom on to Mechanical Engineering, could you see articles about Classical Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics,Product Design.Thermodynamics... My goodness all these counts to whopping 382 articles..

Happy surfing guys..

Mechanical Engineering Text Books    Question And Answers

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Digicad said...

You got both options free as well as premium account for which you need to pay 49.95/year.

Each has got unique features:

User Level:

View step-by-step solutions to all odd textbook problems (Free/Premium)

View step-by-step solutions to all even textbook problems (Premium)

Print solutions (Premium)

Access all resource material: lecture notes, practice exams, and more (Free/Premium)

Ask, answer, and reference helpful questions on the Q&A board (Free/Premium)

Ask more questions on the Q&A board (Premium)

Get your Q&A Board questions answered faster (Premium)

Earn Karma Points (Free/Premium)

Hope it helps..