Thursday, May 7, 2009

CATIA Video Tutorials Ready To Download..

This article is for CATIA users and beginners who are looking forward to learn CATIA software.

There are many peer to peer file sharing sites like torrent and p2p hosts to download CATIA tutorials and study materials.

Here I am going to show you some of the sites where you can download CATIA video tutorials, follow the below link.

CATIA Video Tutorial

The above site claims, they have link of CATIA video learning material which is nearly 37 GB. But I haven't tested try your luck.

CATIA Video Tutorial collection

The above site has got many videos for CATIA V5 right from sketch,solid modeling,surface modeling,NC Machining,FEA etc.,

It has got more than 100 videos in this category, many of them are from you tube but the best part is you don't have to look for each playlist in youtube. Here all CATIA videos comes under one category.

Have fun guys enjoy..

Finally enjoy this video for CATIA:

A.- Sketch-Based Features
1.- Pad.avi
2.- Pocket.avi
3.- Drafted Filleted Pad.avi
4.- Drafted Filleted Pocket.avi

B.- Dress-Up Features
1.- Edge Fillet.avi
2.- Variable Fillet.avi
3.- Face Fillet.avi
4.- Tritangent Fillet.avi
5.- Chamfer.avi
6.- Draft Angle.avi

C.- Surface-Based Features
1.- Split.avi
2.- Thick Surface.avi
3.- Close Surface.avi
4.- Sew Surface.avi
D.- Transformation Features
1.- Translation.avi
2.- Rotation.avi
3.- Symmetry.avi
4.- Mirror.avi
5.- Rectangular Pattern.avi
6.- Circular Pattern.avi
7.- User Pattern.avi
8.- Scaling.avi

If there is any broken link or bad link please leave your comment so that others users can be aware of..

Here is the video..