Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wow I got Mechanical Engineering Dictionary

Many a times Google search engine helps me to find meaning of words what I am looking for, there are terms in Engineering which are not easy to find.

Even if you get those it wont give you clear definition,ultimately it doesn't help you right.

Let me tell share my real experience with you, I was looking for a Heat Treatment process which will suit my need. I came to know through my collogues that there is a process called Salt Bath Heat-Treatment.

Unfortunately,I don't have any knowledge about this specific Heat treatment process. So I have no other choice either to ask my buddy about this or search Internet. I preferred method two for simple reason you will get lot of resources by which you will learn a lot.

My immediate helping hand is referring dictionary installed in my computer. You know it would be crazy to do this.

web word

Then I sought Google help, as you know it will never let me down.,


I was overwhelmed to find a new website which is specially meant for Mechanical Engineering Dictionary.

This site not only has glossary of Mechanical Engineering terms and definitions.

I saw something interesting, IS IT A SENSOR OR A TRANSDUCER ? The author gives you definition of each term and difference between, you can also find related meaning of these terms.

I would give thumb's up to

Why don't you take a look at this Engineering Dictionary.