Friday, May 29, 2009

Physics Simulation - Learn Engineering Mechanics with Free Interactive Simulation Software

Hi Guys, Here is the question for you. What's your interest in Physics simulation. Especially when you get a chance to view Physics concepts working over 3D model.

As an Engineer, physics plays a crucial role in understanding Mechanisms,Engineering Dynamics and Kinematics, Electricity circuit simulation. Here is the free software.

Newton's 3D Multimedia Lab simulation software provides complete new way of understanding Engineering  Mechanics. In simple words

Mechanism is said to be " a rigid bodies connected by joints inorder to accomplish desired force and motion transmission " 

Engineering Mechanics Simulation

In fact mechanism helps to understand the relationship between force and motion using links between the bodies.

This software has capability of simulating 3D mechanism elements like axles, wheels, pulleys, gears, racks, levers, cams, screws, transmission belts and more–to discover their working principles.

Or study the animated operation of mechanical systems from any viewpoint using Newton’s powerful 3D engine. In addition, you can either assemble the mechanisms step by step or watch the assembly process as an interactive movie.

Additional features makes you to include mass properties, assign forces, torques or velocity to mechanical assembly; and make relationships subject to constraints.

With in built video tutorials,examples its use to use Newton's lab tools. When running a simulation, the bodies start moving, guided by the acting constraints; are rotated by torques; and collide with each other as in a movie. At the end of the simulation you can export simulation as AVI file.

Finally you can evaluate the test results, plot graphs or retrieve numerical data based on your requirement. You can even compare with theoretical calculations.

Download Newton Lab simulation software. Thanks for listening to me..