Monday, June 1, 2009

Advanced Welding Tutorial | Welding Glossary:Terms Definition | Online Test

Welding Guide And TutorialThe topic we are going to see now is about Welding Technology, its application, latest welding techniques available in industry and so on.

I am sure everyone of you will like to know advanced welding procedures so that you can implement in your Engineering project. Lets go by step by step.

Rather me explaining about welding steps and procedure, we will directly go to the site where you can find welding tutorial in following topics.


  •  The basics of arc welding - an introduction to metals electricity for welding
  •  Common electric arc welding processes
  •  Covered electrodes for welding mild steels - an introduction to mild steel covered electrodes
  •  Covered electrodes for welding low alloy steels an introduction to low
  •  Alloy covered electrodes
  •  Welding filler metals for stainless steels
  •  Carbon and low alloy steel filler metals for the gmaw, gtaw and saw welding processes
  •  Flux cored arc welding electrodes for carbon & low alloy steels
  •  Hardsurfacing electrodes
  •  Estimating and comparing weld metal costs
  •  Reliability of welding filler metals

Welding Technology Advanced Techniques Tutorial

This tutorial has nice page navigation, search document feature. Also most important glossary where you can find all welding terms.

Above all this, after you learn about these technologies you can take up test here and see where you are ?

In the next segment, I will try to bring more on Welding types... Weld failure analysis, Failure mode identification, Root cause analysis determination and much more on joining process followed in manufacturing industry..