Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Designbetterproducts from Solidworks | Mechanical Design knowledge base | Engineering Discussion Forum

Mechanical Engineering Design - This is the topic what we are going to see. Being Solidworks user I am proud to say that DASSAULT SYSTEMES has taken initiative to collaborate Design Engineers under one roof. Learn Solidworks with dedicated video tutorials,blog,knowledge base and much more.

Recently Solidworks India has launched Designbetterproducts for their user community in India which is a good considering Solidworks holds good share in CAD market.

Solidworks Design Better Products_Tutorials The vision behind this portal is to reach out to design engineers and product designers alike: to talk, collaborate, learn, share and collectively innovate and revolutionize design.  This platform seeks to be the online watering hole for such design professionals - a place where they meet their peers in the designing world, gain from their collective intelligence and experience, and also feel confident about sharing their own designs and ideas for the future of design. For long, we sensed this lack of a space where designers can meet and exchange ideas and our endeavor in setting up this community is to fill this vacuum.

The community offers you a host of features as listed below:-

Solidworks Knowledge base

  1. User Profiles - designers can upload their profiles and showcase their portfolios.

  2. Design Central – a gallery to showcase your designs.

  3. Discussion Lounge – a forum to share, learn and collaborate.

  4. Learning Centre - The place to learn more about SolidWorks Software

  5. Blog – To update you on everything happening at SolidWorks, celebrate product design. The blog will also feature expert articles by you.

  6. Periodic contests for designers: The chance to compete and prove your worth.

While the community is sponsored by SolidWorks, it is nevertheless owned by those of you who use this space to create something that would be of lasting value to designers across India.

I firmly believe this is going to be thrilling experience for Solidworks users and also other CAD users.

Some of things which I noticed that Design Engineers would benefit from is Active discussion forum which is more of live chat among Design Engineers to post their questions/doubts to active members. This will be answered by experts and users who are registered in Designbetterproducts.in

Next thing is Design central which enables Solidworks user to upload their design in this site and gives immense pleasure to share your design skills. I love to do so.

Solidworks Design Tips Tricks_Discussion forum

If you go further, you could see Learning center where lots of FREE SolidWorks Video tutorial,Tips & Tricks,Work around,What's new everything explained with Video.

The reason why I insist so much in this segment is all video Tutorials are created by Solidworks experts itself.

And here comes the hot topics as Solidworks is famous for conducting Design Contest:

Solidworks Go Green Design Contest

This time contest name was much hyped one with fact as every industry theme is going after "Go Green". As you can see here it named as Gogreen@solidworks.

The GoGreen@SolidWorks design contest is aimed at showcasing sustainable and green product designs. These designs will be a step forward in making us care for the earth that sustain us .So if you think you have a thought that reflects passion, innovativeness and sustainability, get down to designing it and take that first step towards going green.

To participate, upload your design images here.

Checkout the Design Submission and Rules for Submission section for more details Contest begins Jun 16, 2009 and ends Aug 16, 2009. We must receive your entry by 12:00a.m IST on Aug 16, 2009.
Winners will be announced here on or around Aug 31, 2009

Prizes to be won are:

Solidworks Design Contest

Overall I am very happy with Solidworks Design community portal. Go for a Design ride in Designbetterproducts sponsored by Solidworks.