Saturday, June 20, 2009

Engineering Drawing step by step guide | Tips to improve your Drawing skills

I am going to answer some of your questions your looking for;

- How to create Engineering Drawing

- How to use ASME Y14.5 standard in Drawings

- How to interpret GD&T symbols in Drawings.

Lets see two sites which will explain the purpose of Engineering Drawing in the industry and steps to be followed in creating those.

These sites will be very useful for Mechanical,Production engineers and who are passionate to be machinist. You will learn about key terms and tips on creating drawings.

Guide to Drawing and Dimensioning:

Here you will learn about

What is Isometric drawing

Orthographic drawing

Do's and Don't while Dimensioning

How to create section views

How to create assembly drawings

Types of Dimensioning and How to apply it

Reference Dimensions,Dimensioning center lines

Standard paper sizes to be used.

And more..

Engineering Drawing step by step guide - Basics

Both sites looks similar still they are good for Engineers to learn Basics of Engineering Drawing.

All the titles are explained with simple terms along pictures which makes easier for any Draughts man to understand the techniques of Engineering Drawing.

Finally few tips to improve your drawing skills..