Friday, June 19, 2009

Enhance your Engineering and Management skills | SAE Experts Video Learning Lab

SAE Video Learning Lab - Specially designed for Engineers to excel in their respective fields like Automotive,commercial vehicles,Aerospace,Motor sports,Collegiate Design.

Participants in the Video Learning Lab will have instant access to engineering experts, each of whom offers a broad depth and breadth of industry experience. These prestigious engineering professionals will help you improve your skills in management principles, innovation techniques, and technology, all from the convenience of your home or office.

What is SAE International and How does Video Learning Lab help Engineers;

SAE International is a membership organization of more than 115,000 design engineers, managers, and executives in the automotive, aerospace, and commercial vehicle sectors (collectively referred to as the mobility industry). SAE is continually seeking new experts to provide premium content for "The Engineers Learning Center" – an online service to deliver short segment videos on key topics.

Each segment is approximately 5-10 minutes in length and provides key aspects, tips, techniques, insights or case studies associated with a particular topic.

SAE is seeking experts in a variety of categories who have developed content in one of these areas: Alternative propulsion (hybrid, electric, diesel, hydrogen), managing global teams, and process design, and leading innovation. American can assist in editing existing video or shoot original video for qualified candidates. Register now.

SAE Engineering Expert Videos Library

The benefits to you as an expert:

  1. Select experts whose video segments are selected for the Video Catalog will be paid a fee for contributing their content and agreeing to be filmed
  2. Experts will be exposed to a large population of SAE members
  3. Experts will be listed on the site as a contributor

Contributors and experts will need to:

  1. Sign an agreement with Anerian that gives SAE a license to the material to use in whatever form they choose
  2. Provide all content and props for the video session
  3. Design up to three questions for each video clip that can be posed to subscribers
  4. Meet with Anerian filming crew at a common location
  5. Follow SAE guidelines for training material

SAE learning center offers classroom seminars, e-seminars,webinars,green mobility,corporate learning solutions for Engineer professional to expertise their Engineering and management skills at their workplace.