Sunday, July 5, 2009

Free Bolt Failure Analysis Software | Bolt Design Calculation Software (Demo)

Following are the Bolt failure analysis software's from Boltscience which includes freeware's and demo versions. The detailed description Bolt Design calculation software.

Bolt Failure Analysis Software

Demo Programs

BOLTCALC - Bolted Joint Analysis Program
bcdemo.exe (7.87 MB)

TORQUE - Torque Tightening Analysis Program
torquedemo.exe (5.14 MB)

FASTENER - Thread Stripping Analysis
fastenerdemo.exe (1 MB)

TORKSense - Torque Tightening by Nut Factor Method
torksensedemo.exe (5.0 MB)

Data Sheets

BOLTCALC - Bolted Joint Analysis Program

TORQUE - Torque Tightening Analysis Program

FASTENER - Thread Stripping Analysis

TORKSense - Torque Tightening by Nut Factor Method

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Training on the BOLTCALC Program

Torque Tightening Analysis using BOLTCALC
Torque Analysis.pdf

Thread Stripping Analysis using BOLTCALC
Thread Stripping.pdf

Joint Analysis using BOLTCALC
Joint Analysis.pdf

Free Programs

Torque Converter Calculator
tcsetup.exe (2 MB)

Some of the Bolt joint calculation software's:


It will allow a joint analysis to be completed, including a tightening and thread stripping analysis.
TORQUE Threaded Fastener Torque Tightening Analysis Program. Will determine the tightening torque and bolt clamp force for a thread.
FASTENER FASTENER will determine the forces required to strip the internal and external threads of a fastener and also the tensile fracture force.
TORKSENSE The program will determine the tightening torque for a threaded fastener using the nut factor approach.
dBEDITOR The dBEDITOR is a database editor program for use with the databases used by the BOLTCALC program (thread size, bolt material and friction coefficient databases) allowing values to be changed, added or deleted.

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