Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Welding Codes & Standards | Welding Best Practices | Welding Test & Quality

Good to see that lot of people are looking for Welding Technology and want to update their knowledge on latest Welding techniques.

Previously I posted articles related to welding like online welding tutorial|Welding standards and latest techniques.

Since people looking for more and more Welding resource materials, I thought to post about Welding adviser which has got handful of Welding learning materials and knowledge base. This will help you to learn welding much better. Some of their topics include.

Underwater-welding and all other modern Processes.
Underwater-welding history and development for essential savings. Four types of Underwater-welding. Fusion or Pressure welding. Other processes for different projects. High Energy Processes. Robot.

Welding-machines: select them right and your job is half-done.
Welding-machines for all Processes. How to select Welding-machines for Welding. Welding-Resistance and Friction-Welding machines. different Arc-welding machines, Electron-Beam-welding machines, Laser

Welding-career Planning, Training and Certification, Applying for Welding Jobs
Welding-career: How to plan for. How to choose a Welding School. How to build a Training Plan. How to select most wanted Certifications. How to look for Welding Jobs.

Welding-codes, welding-test, welding-specifications and welding quality.
Welding-codes and their application. Welding-specifications/standards and their significance. Welding-test as a base for quality.

Welding-resources, find what you need when you look for it
Welding-resources, links to pages providing a wealth of online information on welding, metallurgy and associated subjects, organized by topics and to be regularly updated. Easy to scan and review.

Downloads of free e-books
Downloads of free e-books from

Weld-FAQ: Useful Answers to Common Questions
Weld-FAQ. Practical Answers to frequent Questions. Weld Thickness problems, Repair techniques, Welding Dissimilar Materials, Unweldable Steels, Brazing, Hardening, Grinding and more...

Welding-articles Titles and Addresses for easy Reference
Welding-articles by this Author are condensed expositions likely to enlighten certain aspects of welding subjects useful for general understanding. They are starting point for further investigation.

This site also talks about Welding best practices, various useful links on Welding techniques,Welding resources,Welding safety,quality,equipment,materials etc.,