Thursday, September 10, 2009

Future of Mechanical Engineering 2028- Various career options

The people whoever visiting this site must be greatly inspired by Mechanical Engineering. Unlike other field Engineers, Mechanical Engineers can fit into any kind of Engineering(Engineering Career options) to execute the project with less or no training. That's the advantage Mechanical Engineering professionals has got and everyone of us must be proud of this.

All of us and many aspiring Mechanical Engineering students want to know what is going to be future of Mechanical Engineering. Recently ASME has called for global summit with 2028 vision for Mechanical Engineering.

Download Future of Mechanical Engineering - 2028 Vision summit by ASME

Future of Mechanical Engineering - Vision 2028 ASME

Courtesy: ASME study report

ASME convened more than 120 engineering and science leaders from 19 countries representing industry, academia and government to a global summit to imagine what mechanical engineering will become between now and 2028. The Summit was held April 16-18, 2008 at the National Academy of Engineering in Washington, DC. ASME has a long track record of studying the trends and issues likely to shape the future of mechanical engineering.

This summit include prominent guests from USA,China,India,Japan etc., All of them sharing their Industry experience and views on Future of Mechanical Engineering in Industries.