Friday, September 25, 2009

Hypermesh Video PDF Tutorial for Beginners - Tips & Tricks

Job opportunities for CAE engineer is reaching its high while comparing to other stream of Mechanical Engineers. This change in trend is only recent times when usability of FEA software's entered all application areas. This is quite visible in medicine field where scientists and medical experts started to develop surgical instruments.

If you ask your senior colleague about FEA software's when they learnt it, they would be answering you FEA software has modeling,meshing and analysis together. As software capability and need for FEA software increased, Engineers had software for meshing,modeling and analysis individually. One of the familiar Meshing and analysis package is Hypermesh by Altair.

Hypermesh's user-interface is easy to learn and supports many CAD geometry and finite element model files - increasing interoperability and efficiency. Advanced functionality within Hypermesh allows users to efficiently mesh high fidelity models. This functionality includes user defined quality criteria and controls, morphing technology to update existing meshes to new design proposals, and automatic mid-surface generation for complex designs with of varying wall thicknesses. Automated tetra-meshing and hexa-meshing minimizes meshing time while batch meshing enables large scale meshing of parts with no model clean up and minimal user input.

I can say its somewhat tough to find study material or Tutorial for Hypermesh. But not many people know getting Hypermesh Tutorial is easy. You don't have to search in net just get help and demo files in Altair website.

Hypermesh Free Video Tutorial

  • Video demonstration on Hyperworks products
  • Exercise for beginners in FEM
  • Hypermesh - Getting started
  • About Radioss/Linear
  • Hyperview,Hypergraph,Motion view - Getting started
  • Hypermesh - Exporting node sets to Ansys
  • Hypermesh - Introduction to Scalar spring elements
  • Hyperform - Tube bending
  • Hyperform - Hydroforming
  • Stress Analysis of a thin walled pressure vessel - geometry import,clean up,editing surfaces,shell & solid meshing,boundary conditions,post processor
  • Hypermesh/Radioss - Including self weight in analysis
  • Hex meshing with Hypermesh - Basics and moderate users
  • Hypermesh - Assigning variable thickness to mid surface shell elements

The Hypermesh tutorials for above topics contains Video demo as well as PDF file format. These study materials are especially meant for students including engineers who want to study Hypermesh being beginner.

These online tutorials are best viewed in video form. If you have an unreliable internet connection, you should download the PDF version instead. The tutorials are based on queries raised by users of HyperWorks and cover several HyperWorks modules: HyperMesh, HyperView, HyperGraph, OptiStruct, Radioss/Linear, Radioss/Explicit, MotionView and MotionSolve. They also cover different applications - finite element analysis, stress analysis, analysis of mechanisms or multi-bodies, dynamic analysis.

Engineers can also find projects in FEA,discussion forum, Tips&Tricks,get answers from experts,webinars here in Altair student website.

Also check out Hypermesh Tutorial in my previous article. I wish this video Tutorial of Hyperworks products would help you to shine your career and increase your job opportunities in Hypermesh.