Sunday, September 27, 2009

ANSYS Structural & Thermal solved problems - step by step Tutorial

ANSYS exercise files with solutions: The title says it all, this session we are going to see ANSYS solved problems with step-by-step guide. These ANSYS tutorials will be helpful for beginners and entry level advance users. FEA users will learn about Structural (2D&3D),Dynamic and Thermal analysis using ANSYS classic version software.

Structural Analysis -

Simple 3-D Truss

2D Truss with inclined support and support element

2D Continuous Beam with distributed load

Plane stress analysis

Axisymmetric model(water tank)

3D Structure with Shell elements Dynamic analysis

Non-linear analysis

Thermal analysis - Steady state

All these tutorial are available in PDF format. Here user will learn about FEA approach,modeling,meshing,defining boundary conditions,post processing,report generation etc.,

Free Ansys Tutorial PDF

Fig: ANSYS Problem definition with geometry and material property

ANSYS Tutorial Step by Step Guide

Fig: FEA modeling and Boundary condition

ANSYS Solved problems with solutions

Fig: ANSYS post processing tutorial

This is unique study material for ANSYS users unlike other tutorials available. Thanks to memorial university in providing these tutorial. If users not to able to access PDF files, check out their site to download ANSYS tutorial in word document format.

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I wish everyone of you certainly enjoyed and learnt ANSYS FEA modeling. All the best.