Saturday, September 19, 2009

India's Top 25 Engineering Colleges & Science Institutions

This article for Engineering aspirants who like to do Engineering degree in India. Students always keen on knowing the Engineering college rankings in terms of teaching,infrastructure,facilities,lecturers,placement and so on.

So its very vital for them to know about these important data's of Engineering colleges. Even though there are many Universities and Science institutions available in India, students like to do their Engineering degree only in pioneering colleges where they can get best education. Also not to forget some of the college is known for specific Engineering field, before that see what different Engineering degrees available worldwide.

Its well known fact that Indian Institute of Technology which is popularly known as IIT continues to dominate over few decades. This trend has never fallen back, IIT's in different parts of India holding their successful run in rankings. Of them all, IIT Delhi has clinched top position with reputation of being best Engineering colleges in India. This is followed by IIT kharagpur,IIT kanpur,IIT Chennai,IIT Mumbai,IIT Roorkee,BITS Pilani,IIT Varanasi,IIT Guwahati,VIT Vellore and list goes on..

Check out Top 25 Engineering Colleges and Science Institutions in India(Rankings) conducted by India Today.

India's Top Engineering College rankings 

Read the detail story of India's top Engineering colleges. (slide show available here)

Courtesy: India Today

This survey has been conducted India Today's team to pick Top 25 Engineering and Science colleges in India. Interesting part in this survey is apart from Govt aided IIT, private Engineering colleges like BITS and VIT has also featured their presence in top 10. This certainly shows the creditability of Indian education system.

I firmly believe this survey would help many students with each Engineering colleges rankings in the past six years(2003-2008).

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