Monday, October 19, 2009

Forging & Casting Comparison,Fundamentals,Examples

In the manufacturing Industry, Engineers follows different methods to make a component. There are a variety of methods to manufacture a given product. Each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Key factors influencing the selection of a manufacturing process include the following:

- Quantity of the output component

- Design of the component

- Tolerance required

- Metal Specification

- Surface finish required

- Tooling costs

- Economy of machining vs process cost

- Delivery requirements

Casting and Forging Comparison tutorial

In the article you will learn about difference between Forging and Casting.

Forging Vs Casting (Comparison)

What is Forging

What is Casting

Fundamentals of Forging - process

Fundaments of Casing - methods

Diagrammatic explanation of Forging and Casting with examples

Strength and weakness of Forging

Strength and weakness of Casting

Thanks to esi-group for providing this tip on Casting and Forging difference. Once you gone through this article then you will be in a position to select Forging or Casting on your own for your product.