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Pro-e Wildfire Advance Tutorial - Part Modeling, Detailing, Pro-Mechanica,CNC

If you know Pro-e 2001, looking to update yourself for new version of Pro-e. Here is the superb chance for Design Engineers who are looking to learn Pro-e wildfire 2.0

This tutorial will be so much helpful for beginners and intermediate level users. This Pro-e wildfire 2.0 tutorial is provided by Dr.Zuomin Dong, University of Victoria. Pro-e Wildfire Tutorial - Pro mechanica - CNC

Fig: Pro-e Wildfire 2.0 Advanced Tutorial(Part modeling,Assembly,Detailing,Pro-Mechanica,CAM)

Following topics are covered here:

About Pro-e Wildfire 2.0

Introduction to Pro-e Wildfire

Mouse Functions

Part Modeling

How to create simple features like rounds,holes,chamfers,revolve etc

Drawing Creation

Insert views

Add Dimensions

Other vital features like Symbols,GD&T,Notes etc



Pro-Mechanica for structural Analysis, Sensitivity Analysis and Design Optimization

Prepare the model

Start Pro-Mechanica

Define FEA model

Run Static Analysis

Design Parameter Sensitivity Study

Design Optimization

Pro-Mechanica - Standard Static Analysis

Definition and Machining of Free Form Surfaces in Pro-e


Variable sweep creation of Free Form surface

More complex surface and part model

Automated Generation of CNC Tool Paths using Pro-Manufacturing

Automated Generation of CNC Machining Program (G-Code)

Programming in Pro-ENGINEER


Programming Details

An Example part and the PROGRAM window

Download Pro-e Wildfire 2.0 tutorial in PDF format for free

I guess one can understand from the above content itself how handy is this tutorial going to be for anyone. Users can easily learn Pro-e Wildfire 2.0 with ease and also get a chance to practice with some good examples.

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