Saturday, October 10, 2009

Pro-e 2001 Complete Tutorial on Part, Assembly and Drawing

Enough of being into FEA software's, lets see few stuff about CAD package. I am happy to share Pro-e 2001 comprehensive tutorial absolutely free online and can be downloaded in PDF format.

Getting started with Pro/ENGINEER is a tutorial based introduction to the Pro/ENGINEER workflow. With this Tutorial, you will learn 3D Design formation, Solid part creation,Part Assembly,output of drawings and many more.

Pro-e 2001 Tutorial_exercise & examples

Fig: Pro-e getting started free Tutorial

This Pro-e tutorial would help following users:

- New and experienced designers with little or no CAD/CAM software experience.

- Designers who have some experience in working with Pro/Engineer, but who would like to review the basics or learn more about how to use the Pro/Engineer core functionality.

- Designers new to Pro/Engineer who have worked with other CAD/CAM applications. The philosophy and methods enabling you to capture your design ideas in Pro/ENGINEER follow a vastly different paradigm from other CAD/CAM applications

This Pro-E Learning guide is not intended to be a complete summary of basic Pro/ENGINEER techniques. The goal of the exercises is to direct you through the end-to-end design process with as few detours as possible.

Before you start the exercises in chapter 4, review chapters 1,2 and 3 to get a feel for what you will need to know about file management, the user interface, and the basic solid creation tools.

The exercises in chapter4 will guide you through creating and assembling eight parts that represent the components of cell phone. The parts start out simply and progress in complexity as you gain experience with the program. Once a technique is explained in detail, it may reappear in subsequent exercises with less detail.

Completed part,assembly and drawing files are provided with the guide. If your practice time is short, you can use these files to begin anywhere in the workflow. Using the precreated parts, you can learn the assembly or drawing tools of Pro-e.

These exercises hardly scratch the surface of Pro/ENGINEER capability. They are designed to give you a basic introduction to associative part creation and an overview of the end to end design workflow. If you finish them, learning any further aspect of Pro-ENGINEER will be much easier for you.

Thanks to PTC and for providing this Pro-e 2001 Tutorial. Download Pro-e 2001 reference material now. Check out other articles on Pro-e wildfire study material and Pro-e viewer. Good luck friends.