Wednesday, February 13, 2008

CATIA Video Tutorial - Surface Manipulation:Scanned Data Editing

Dear Friends You people have really kept me in track, Thanks for your continuing support and I wish to get more from you. Well I started this to post Various Tutorials for CAD/CAE/CAM users but as the time gone by I started to put up lots of things related to Mechanical Design. I got response from the users and if you want any help looking for any software or Tutorial you can very well contact me without any hesitation.

Coming to the point, While I was surfing net I found some beautiful article About CATIA Tutor on Advanced tools. Basically this tutorial come as a Flash Tutorial so you can watch like a movie which navigates you to press each command to achieve the final goal. The Tutorial doesn't cover many Topics but it is very essential you don't find much of this anywhere. Each Tutorial is given with Link below.

Flash Tutorials

Text/Graphic Tutorial(from IBM CATIA Help)

Merging/aligning two point clouds using Digital Shape Editor

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