Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Mechanical Engineering Handbook - Machine Design Reference Material : Engineering Basics

I don't know how to start I am so happy in presenting this article, certainly you will appreciate me after reading this one if I am not wrong. I do remember that before this article I posted two more articles which is really useful for all Mechanical Engineers irrespective whether they do the Production Job,Marketing or Design Engineering. Its always good to refresh your knowledge what you studied in Engineering. This is the one website which would help Mechanical Engineers why to stop with Mech the technical people whoever related to mechanical industry can be benefited from this site. I would simply say this site would be the online handbook for Mechanical Engineers.

This site provides useful information, tables , schedules and formula related to mechanical engineering and engineering materials. It provides convenient access to data for design engineers and engineering draughtsmen.   The site also lists useful engineering standards and includes equipment suppliers.

This site has been well designed in view that topics are categorised like background which speaks about Directives,Ergonomics,Reliability/Safety,Quality,Environment and the engineering topic which would highlight about Materials,Fatigue /Impact,Manufacturing ,Corrosion ,Tribology ,Vibration/Noise and the Design which throws light on following topics Drawing,Documents ,Shaft Fits ,Surface Finish ,Keyways,Hardness and the more topics which helps you to know Machine Design,Screws,Beams,fluid power etc.,

If you would like to know about reference books which would help you to enhance your knowledge in your respective field. Still if your are not satisfies like to refresh yourself with Basic science either Physics or Chemistry this site would guide to better place. Friends believe me lot more to visit here... So Don't forget to visit this page now... Thanks to RoyMech.

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