Thursday, February 7, 2008

FEA Concepts/Basics - Free Interactive Learning Tools:FEA Software: FEA Library

I know you people would have searched for FEA materials, unless you are strong at fundamentals there is no point in saying that you are well versed with FEA software's and you can handle any analysis projects. As you know people in those days much before existence of these software's Engineers used to do mathematical calculations using pen and paper, even they were very much accurate. But as the technology as grown we have forgotten about Basics rather we were encouraged to learn software tools. Most of you would have come to the situation where you need to compare the software result with manual calculation but you don't how to proceed and how to arrive the result. That's the point I making here..

Okay lets do our best to over come these situation, First we will try to learn what is FEA, Theory behind this one,The mathematical part involved in this and so forth.

If you would like to really do this what I have said so far, this is site you have to look at Finite Element Method universal resource.

FEMur website is being established to serve the user community of the Finite Element Method. It will provide resources for educators, students, researchers, and practicing engineers.

Knowledge is of little use if it is little shared. The fundamental goal of FEMur is to make information on the finite element method (FEM) readily and comprehensively available. To this end, instructional, interactive learning guides are being developed and finite element resources on the Internet are being found and cataloged.

Interactive learning section contains Review of Linear Algebra:Matrix Algebra and Equation Solving...The Basic Finite Element Equation:One-Dimensional Spring Approach...

Do you know What is Stiffness Matrix ? Wondering heard it somewhere.. Buddy kindly you visit FEMur they explained in easy way. Not only this you can also learn about The Basic Finite Element Equation,Matrix Algebra,Matrix Definition,Gaussian Elimination,Matrix Calculus.. Click on each title to navigate to the corresponding learning page. Also you can find test problems.

I am sure you must have learnt all these topics at the college level but probably you don't what's role of all these stuff in FEA.  After going through this site your  confidence level would have much higher than ever before in solving FEA problems. Happy Surfing.

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