Thursday, February 7, 2008

SolidWorks Macro's - Tips&Tricks:Freeware

SolidWorks Tools - these are some of my own programs and tools for SolidWorks and its environment. Most of them are shareware and you may download and tests them free of charge. Some tools requires a license for them to work properly after the test period.

This site provides you Macros and freeware's. Some of the available macros are choose density from list of predefined materials and set it in SolidWorks,macros is designed to copy SolidWorks options from one document to another,Sample sourcecode which shows the preview bitmap in Visual Basic,Clear all face colors And more..

You can submit your feedback about this site, you may even request solution for Solidworks troubleshooting. This site is maintained by Stefan Berlitz. Great work..

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