Thursday, February 7, 2008

SolidWorks Tips&Tricks - Free Models & Examples : Freedownload

I don't think one needs intro about SolidWorks, If your are Mechanical Design Engineer. Simply because its well known and user friendly software in the industry. If you can work with AutoCAD well then in matter of time you can well verse with SolidWorks. If you would like to be master of SolidWorks then you  need to Tips&Tricks, how to short cut your Modeling techniques, how to troubleshoot and so on..

I posted few articles before about Tips&Tricks,Hope you utilized it well. Again this time I found something useful on this segment. So I thought of sharing with yoy people. This is the site dedicated totally to SolidWorks users and maintained by Scott Baugh,CSWP, CSWST

He has nearly 13 years of experience behind him, especially working with SolidWorks. So he started a site where he has shared is experience for the welfare of the Design Community who are all using SolidWorks. Some of the Tips and Tricks are How to repair the imported model,Custom Weldment Profile, crop exploded view,Wrap text etc., Also in certain topics you can find example models to work upon.

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