Sunday, March 23, 2008

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Hi Friends I think we are on track, things are looking good. It is nicely shaped up now. I would like to further improve on from here, where we could able to share our knowledge resources with one another. Okay, I got few feedback saying that you have put little more ads in your site, yes I agree everyone works for money so am I. I am spending nearly three hours a day despite my daily office work, my part time jobs etc., finding good resources to publish here, the reason is this many graduates who have done Mechanical Engineering Courses are simply moving to IT as they are saying they don't get enough chances or breakthrough's initially and Moreover majority of people's claim is Earning is less. I really would like to Change this attitude,  Lets prove them they are wrong. This can be done only with help of you guys. So keep sharing information with us. Send me the study materials whatever you come across related to Mechanical Engineering. Make Mechanical Engineering Ever Green And Ever Growing Field. I Love This Field And very passionate about Engineering Design.

Lets see what we are upto today, Its all about Mechanical Engineering are you worried about formulas, equations to remember. No worries you have lot online Mechanical Engineering calculators, dictionaries, Unit conversions. Adding to this Material Database, Patent search, Publications and so on... is a FREE, one stop resource center for mechanical engineers, designers, drafters, students, and anyone interested in mechanical design and engineering

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