Thursday, June 25, 2009

Welding Standards & Advance Techniques |Free Online Tutorial|How to become Certified Welder

I guess there are many Engineers and technicians are looking forward to learn about Latest Welding technology. There has been quite number of Mechanical Design Engineers seeking Welding tutorials to know about Welding Techniques.

Even there are many institutions offer welding courses and become a certified welder, many people rely on Internet to get welding books and study materials.  Many industries require Certified and experienced welders in Gulf and European countries. If your are looking job opening in Welding Field, check out this

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This time I would like to show good Welding education resource. Gas welding,Arc welding,MIG,TIG are quite familiar welding types Laser welding,Ultrasonic welding are hot topics now a days. Underwater welding and plastic welding are emerging techniques.

In this session you can learn about best practices, Do's and Don't's,Welding failures,How to strength welding joint and many more..

Types of welding Tutorial

How To Prevent Weld Failure :- Common causes of weld failure and how they can be avoided.

Calculating the strength of welded connections :- Design Rules for calculating the strength of butt and fillet welded joints subject to Direct, Bending and Torsional loadings. Plus guidance on calculating centroids and second moment of area.

Welding Procedures and WPS's :- Welding procedure and welder approval qualifications to European, ASME and the new EN ISO Standards explained. Plus how to draft welding procedure specifications

Fatigue Of Welded Joints :- A practical guide to Fatigue in welded structures.

Fracture Mechanics : - Basic guide to fracture mechanics and fitness for purpose assessment + ASME Impact requirements

Preheat:- How to reduce the risk of hydrogen cracking in carbon and low alloy steels. + Preheat calculator.

Welding Metallurgy :-Practical information on the welding and treatment of:- stainless steel, duplex.  More materials to be added shortly. + Welding dissimilar materials and welding without PWHT.

Welding Symbols :- A brief guide to welding symbols to EN22553, BS499 and AWS.

Pressure Vessel Design
Pressure vessel design to both American (ASME 8) and European codes (EN13445).

Finite Element Analysis:-A basic guide to solving structural and heat transfer problems using matrix methods + Free Beam Calculation Software

Weld Failure

Weld calculations

Weld Procedures

Fatigue due to Welding

Fracture in welding



Welding Failure ReasonsBasics

A basic introduction into stress/strain relationships & weld design.

T Fillet Weld

Formula for calculating the stresses in a fillet weld.

Lap Fillet Weld

Formula for calculating the stresses in lap fillet welds subject to shear.


Fillet welded cantilever subject to bending and shear

Lap Joint Subject To Torsion

Fillet welded lap subject to Torsion and shear

Rectangular Block Subject To Torsion

Rectangular and fillet welded and subject to Torsion

T Butt Weld Subject To Torsion

Full Penetration T Butt welded Cantilever subject to Torsion

Lap Joint Subject To Bending and Shear

This calculation method is one I came up with. Unfortunately I couldn't find a similar joint in any technical reference to verify it.


Welding Fracture Test Welding Qualification and Certification importance:

European Standards

An introduction to European Welding Standards. (427Kb pdf File)

Basic Guide

A basic introduction to Welding qualifications and why they are required

Welding Procedure Specifications(WPS)

Welding Procedure Specifications to EN ISO 15609-1 (formerly EN288 Part 2). Why are they required and what should they include.

ASME Section IX

Guidance on the qualification of welding procedures and the performance testing of welders to section 9 of the ASME boiler and pressure vessel code.  Approval Range Calculator.

European & ISO Welding Standards

These new standards are renumbered and updated versions of the old EN288 series. Information is also provided about the older standards.

NEW Approval Range Calculator.

Automatic/Machine Welding

Guidance on the qualification of welding operators to EN and ASME Rules

Independant Inspection Authority

Royal & SunAlliance is probably one of the most helpful Inspection agencies around.

My personnel thanks to Mr.John Dyson who is registered European Welding engineer( has put lot of effort to prepare this welding Tutorial and sharing his experience with other welding engineers on net.