Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Engineering Salary Database - Pay comparison Tool - Win Your Salary Negotiation

There is always a element of doubt in ones mind "How much salary I can demand in an Interview ?"

This is very crucial, you cant just demand salary as you like. You need to understand Company strength,How much your worth and How much is paid in the industry with your talents.

One can't go and do survey before he face a salary negotiation with the interviewer. So what is the best possible solution to know about ideal salary you can demand. Also take a look at How to give professional touch your resume.

Go and check out naukri's pay check tool. This will surely help you to see how much salary is paid in your profession with similar experience.

Engineering Salary Database - Salary check tool

Naukri has more than 10 million job seekers database across multiple sectors. They have developed salary pay check tool. This tool will give you graph which is plotted between salary against percentage of people who are getting that amount.

Will give you clear picture where you standard in the industry pay standards. Are you being right salary? Is it right time to look out for new job with better salary ?

This pay check tool requires three inputs from the user.

Functional Area - Engineering Design/R&D/Production/Quality/Legal/Accounts/IT etc

Years of Experience - How much your experienced in the above chosen functional area.

Current salary - (optional)

Once you plot graph. Then you can refine it.

Salary Compare Tool

As you can see in the above snap, you define the industry your are looking for, where is the company located, your under graduation and post graduation details along with your years of industry experience.

Similarly you can play around with this graph to see how much salary varies with respect to city and yrs of experience.

At the bottom you can see what is the lowest and highest paid salary in the industry with these experience. You can zoom in and out to understand the scenario very clearly.

To me this is the absolute handy tool to know

"How much you can demand salary in your company"

Keep in mind this pay tool check is useful for Indian employees only since most of the database consists of Indian employees.

If you want to Engineering Salary database at the International countries and want to see Engineering Online Salary Report.