Friday, August 7, 2009

Have You got Innovative Engineering Project Ideas | Win Cash Awards

Innovations not only originate from one's mind. Its depends on how you see things,your way of life at work and many factors.

This you can see for yourself in all innovations made in the past. In this session, I would like to show you "How to convert your Engineering Ideas into successful project"

As we all know MIT university helps Students and young aspirants to understand the engineering science in a very manner. They have many video channels and podcasts in net on various engineering subjects.

Some of them which I spoke about earlier are Video Tutorial on Machine Shops and Engineering Mechanics

Mechanical Engineering Project Ideas _ Win Prize IDEAS is one of the initiative taken by MIT to help Engineering and Science students to bring their innovative ideas into reality.

IDEAS competition provides an opportunity for people to develop their creative ideas that make a positive impact in the society.

Participants work in teams to develop designs,plans,strategies,materials and mechanisms that benefit communities not only locally even your ideas can benefit world.

Projects are funded by cash award of $50,000 as well as additional development grants. IDEAS teams can taken an effective step in solving social problems where Engineering science is involved.

The IDEAS competition has sparked projects that have grown far beyond MIT. Since 2001 participants have leveraged more than $1.3 million in follow-on funding. This competition is carried out in more than 20 countries serving common people.

Engineering Project Ideas - Innovations

Fig: Winners of IDEAS competition with young innovative minds

IDEAS participants can choose mentor, anyone with experience in business,engineering,science,development or community service.

This competition is specially meant for MIT students, but still there are options for outside people to participate in IDEAS competition with conditions.

If your not member of MIT student community and find a friend to participate in the IDEAS competition. Read FAQ to know about Future Innovative Engineering Project Ideas,Timline,About Team,Project Submission and more..

IDEAS competition takes place every year. Don't mind to see past IDEAS winners.

If your interested to know What are the topics on which project is done, visit here..

So just keep on this site to register your entry and participate in IDEAS. This is the ideal place to showcase your Engineering IDEAS into reality and win cash award prize.